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The website rizesbox.com offers services to the visitors, hereafter called users, according to the terms and conditions referred below. Thank you for reading carefully these terms and conditions. While using, browsing or accessing to rizesbox.com automatically you accept that you have read, understood and approve the mentioned terms and conditions and that you comply with the existing legislation. Terms and conditions could be modified without any warning. The user is obliged to check terms and conditions and to use it only in case that he/she agrees with them.


  • to comply with all provisions that rule telecommunications,
  • to refrain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and the services of this website,
  • all data provided by the user must correspond to the reality. False or untrue data cannot be accepted as the provision of false data is regarded as fraud and it is prosecuted,
  • every user is responsible to ensure the confidentiality of his/her account,
  • minors are obliged to browse this website with the supervision or the consent of their guardian, who must read the terms and conditions and gives his/her consent only in case he/she agrees with them.


  • The website rizesbox.com does not guarantee the e-shop rizesbox.com, the servers or the e-mails sent from rizesbox.com do not contain viruses or other harmful elements. The above mentioned website, it is not responsible for any destruction caused by the use of rizesbox.com.
  • The users of this website agree that the terms and conditions are subject to Greek legislation. Therefore, any disagreement caused between the users and the website rizesbox.com, the competent courts for solving these disagreements are the Courts of Athens.
  • In case that you send an e-mail, or contact with rizesbox.com by e-mail, rizesbox.com can get in contact with you by an e-mail. The contact will be conducted via e-mail exchange.
  • The provided information by this website do not consist medical or nutritional advice.


All of the content of this website(texts, graphics, trademarks, images, audio, digital archives and software), is subject to the intellectual property and any reproduction, distribution, copy or change in total or in part is forbidden according to Greek, International and European laws concerning the protection of intellectual property.


Personal data are provided to rizesbox.com by the users in order to realise a transaction and to ensure the legality of the transaction in cause, or in order to give further information or clarification. Personal data management is carried out according to Greek Law (no.2472/1997, Presidential decrees no.207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of law no.2819/200), as well as to European Law (Directives 95/45/EC and 97/66/EC).

Personal Data (Names, Addresses etc), never are reported to others (except situations provided by the law and only to the competent authorities), and therefore the personal character is safeguarded. This website has the right to store in archives the date exclusively for contact, statistics and improvement of the provided services.


The website rizesbox.com aims to attribute accurately the characteristics of each product to the photos appeared in the website rizesbox.com. However, these products may be from another producer as they are produced in small quantities and they are not industrialised food products. The alteration of the producer will be without notice. Instead, we guarantee that they will be from local producers, preserving always the high quality and taste standards. Thank you to read carefully this condition and for any question do not hesitate to contact with us via telephone or e-mail.


Price is subject to change without notice. However, the cost of every order will made with the prices of the day. Invoices can be issued to companies. You must complete the form by giving all the necessary information. It is issued upon client's request